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Use the internet as the carrier, APP as the controller, He Zheng products provide a one-stop interactive experience for car owners and now He Zheng is gradually building a vehicle intelligent peripheral ecological chain. He Zheng products are different from others in industry by not merely offering a screen with single function, but a full set of system solutions  regarding“human-vehicle-life”to car owners. Through seamless connection with smart phone, smart DA completely projects the smart phone applications to car terminal and achieves smooth two-way control, which truly embodies the vehicle mobile internet features of intelligent interconnection and human-computer interaction.


The company keeps the core design idea of human-oriented and dedicates to create a promising blueprint of“human-vehicle-life”.  Vehicle traveling data recorder, infrared night vision system, 360 surveying system, high resolution rear view system, comfort access system, 3D suspended instrument disc, vehicle remote control system, smart vehicle air purification system will be gradually launched in the future. To meet the demand of vehicle mobile internet market and obtain the consumer acceptance, He Zheng has been carrying out large R&D investment on ADAS(Active driving assistance system) technology for many years, built products including night driving assistance system, lane departure warning system and blind spot monitoring system. Furthermore, electronic research team are now endeavoring to make breakthrough on millimeter-wave anti-collision radar and infrared imaging for building the driving assistance system for the next generation.


To ensure the functional implementation and transition of “human-vehicle-life”, HeZheng inputs 15% of its profit into R&D yearly. It possesses a trained and vigorous research team with 121 soft engineers, 38 structural engineers, 36 systems engineers and 23 test engineers. The company has become the global gold partner of Microsoft in 2012 and it is awarded 7 software copyrights.  Now HeZheng owns 4 utility model patents, 56 design patents and 3 invention patents. In 2013, Hezheng attained the developing authorization from Apple MFI, which offers flexibility for product development. With profound R&D direction, advanced R&D investment and accumulation, Hezheng stands out and becomes an ace enterprise in a short period for its outstanding product advantages and strong differentiated competitive capacity. Now it enters the front loading plants including Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI, Guangzhou automobile, etc.



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